6 Lines of Tape

When I made the goals of doing more activities with my daughter I looked at my Pinterest board full of busy bags, water table activities, and kid friendly science projects and became instantly overwhelmed. The neurotic pessimistic side of my brain screamed “Those things take time, planning and the proper supplies! You need something you can do now before you run out of time and ruin your daughter’s childhood!”. So so after an extensive search through hundreds of pins one pin by Hands on as we Grow glimmered like a shining beacon of hope calling out to my cheap unprepared soul. After a short jaunt to the basement  I emerged with the solitary supply needed for this task.

A roll of tape. 

And after laying out my lines we were ready to play.

Was it cold out? Yes

Did I look like a crazy person hopping around on tape with a 3 year old? Most likely.Did we have fun? Yes.

We ended up playing with the tape for around 20 minutes following along with the blog post as well as making up or own ways to play. We even stayed outside another 15 mins and just raced up and down the street.

So I think that I can add this as a success in operation “Try to raise a functioning human-being without self-destructive and/or homicidal tendencies”.

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